Itex is the first company in the world to achieve a media qualification by HP Indigo for the series 3 presses. The Itex S1 transfer film is a 105 micron matt transfer film for both warm and cold peel. It is available in 33cm x 48cm & 50cm x 70cm sizes to cover the full range of the HP Indigo sheet-fed presses.

Not only do we offer the first HP certified polyester transfer film for S3 Indigo presses, but we also offer the full range of products required for the screen-printing part of the process. The combination between our Itex S1 transfer film, ink systems and adhesives, produces transfers that are superior to any other digital transfer in the market when it comes to colour accuracy, durability and wash resistance.

You can choose between a water-based or a silicone ink system.
Both screen-printing systems include a back up white, a clear, an anti-migration ink and printable or adhesive powders.

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Specialy Certificate S3

Evaluation Report

For HP Indigo 7600 / 7900 / multi-shot with
WS6x00 blanket / white ink

Heat Transfer Labels for Garments

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